The standard in Nearshore Services for Enterprise SW

We provide the best of two worlds, an award winning SAP Services executive team with the biggest operations group in the right geography. Our services are meant to be scalable, our group has helped build from a 5-person operation to 2,000-employees organizations.

Our services help service firms adapt to changing conditions & priorities in the market, plus the evolution to Saas business models.

Innovate, prototype & develop new solutions with more agility and competitive price.

Business Unit Types

Cloud Factory

 Is designed to be rapid and repeatable with packaged solutions. The project is executed mainly remotely by the implementation factory with consultants traveling on-site to the customer office to attend most important activities such as: Kickoff, Testing and Go Live. 

AMS / Customer Support

 It can be an extension of a current support center or a complete AMS Practice. The support team is managed by local hired managers that report to their peers in the parent company, or if its a small team, it can be managed remotely. For SAP Service Firms it can start with a Flexible AMS package with on-demand consultants.

Latin America Rollout & Compliance Teams

We add local experienced teams for roll-out projects in Mexico & Latin America. The consultants work for the Nearshore project office we set for the service firm (our customer).

By Projects

Their nearshore unit can staff their global projects from their Mexican operation, using our Resource Management team and private network.

Software Development

It can be used as a remote software development practice, for projects that need additional programming or maintenance of their own solutions.

New Graduates

For the Service Firms that train new graduates to grow their team, they can be hired locally from the top universities for the Virtual Business Unit or Subsidiary. 

Nearshore Benefits

Offshore Price

Traditional low-cost outsourcing with the advantage of geographical proximity

Full Business Day Overlap


Similar Travel Expenses

Capabilities for mixed Onsite & Offsite services for business critical projects

Team work

Cultural Affinity

Lower Attrition Market

Perfect for Agile Development teams that requires constant contact 

Our Partners