The standard in Nearshore Services for Enterprise SW

Our company is a joint venture between an award winning SAP Partner executive team and the biggest operations group with experience in the setup of a virtual team, a 5-people unit or a 2,500 employee Subsidiary.

Instead of buying a nearshore company or investing on your own in a new region, we provide a better alternative for updating the business model with an extended operation team working as part of your own, creating scalable teams, a complimentary business unit or adding a new solution capability.

Our Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) integrates services, processes, people and infrastructure to deliver a Business Practice typical of an Enterprise Service Firm that leverages expert teams and different locations for building new capabilities.

Business Process as a Service Portfolio

Short description: Every business process of a Subsidiary Service Firm.

Long description: We cover the customer life-cycle, from supporting key process in Sales to Delivery Services and Support. Depending on the nature of the process, it can be setup as an on-demand service to a long-term practice.


Turn-Key Subsidiary

A subsidiary is a company controlled by a holding company. Because it has complimentary operations of the parent company, we see it as the ideal extension for innovation, testing & developing new practices nearby with more agility and competitive price.  

Our approach requires much less investment than traditional options for an instant nearshore subsidiary for a quick time-to-market. But more important, it is the secure path as it assures a successful setup the first try, and protects from the risks & liabilities of entering a new country for the first time.

All decisions are made by the Partner, as its their team, their subsidiary. Non-value expenses are pass through expenses.

Virtual Business Unit

For an specific project (Sales, Delivery or Support) a Virtual Business Unit can host one or many consultants & developers. 

Virtual Subsidiary

It has one or several Business Process as a Service. The legal entity & risk in the country is by Nearshore Depot and uses its Brick & Mortar Platform for economy-of-scale benefits.

Full Subsidiary

It has one or several Business Process as a Service. The legal entity in the country is created for the Partner but managed by Nearshore Depot, using its economy of scale infrastructure for the Finance & Accounting, Payroll, Tax, Legal & Facilities requirements.

We have sister companies supporting operations of foreign companies since 1985. With more than 25k employees and 4.5M square feet managed by the Group.

Why Nearshore

It provides competitive pricing with the advantage of geographical proximity for closer team project collaboration with similar travel expenses. The full business day overlap is critical for Agile Methodologies.

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